Jan Šimral PR

Do you want to

make your


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Jan Šimral

Independent PR consultant for the Czech market

I’m an independent PR consultant based in Czechia. I devise and implement PR and social media campaigns and strategies. I specialise in services and B2B sectors. I will help your business to be more visible with your target groups and further increase its reputation.

I will help you find attractive topics within your specialisation and will gradually profile you as experts whose opinions are valued and sought after. How will I do that? By producing high-quality content on a long-term basis which we will be preparing together for traditional media, social media & web and various speaking engagements.

They will know about you, they will write about you,

they will trust you.

I have been working in PR since 2008. I spent several years in a PR agency; worked as Head of
Communications at the British Embassy in Prague; and started my own PR business in 2017. My
qualifications include Chartered Institute of Public Relations Professional PR Diploma.
I prepared and put into practice lots of communications and PR strategies for businesses from
sectors such as IT, education, law, real estate, finance, transport, industry, law, politics and HR. I
successfully profiled the British Ambassador in the Czech media, organised conferences on Energy
for hundreds of people or co-created a project for rewarding the best Czech
headmasters/headmistresses. But I have also been helping to very small companies that nobody
had known at the beginning. Working in PR is certainly not boring at all!